Business Growth & Development

We’re so much more than simply accountants - we’re business growth experts, financial advisors and inspiring coaches.

We can do so much more than just file your yearly tax returns or your quarterly BAS statements. Negotiis offers a wide range of business growth and improvement services to help you increase revenue and boost profitability, including:

  • Business coaching
  • Business planning
  • Tax planning 
  • Virtual CFO service
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How Can We Help to Grow Your Business?

Sleep Easy Package

If your business is causing you sleepless nights it can be hard to know where to turn. But you don’t need to feel alone or isolated, there is a solution and help is at hand!

For years we have been helping people to get a better night’s rest safe in the knowledge that their business is on the road to recovery.

We’ve distilled our years of experience into the Sleep Easy Package.

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Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

If your business is doing well and quickly growing from “start up” phase into established, you may be in the need for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). But hiring a CFO is expensive and can be a risk.

Our virtual CFO service provided access to the expertise and know-how of a Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost.

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Tax Planning

Have you ever experienced the shock of a large tax bill? It’s a familiar scenario: your business is making good money. You’re putting a little away each month and cash flow is good.

An incredible opportunity comes that needs you to spend some cash. But suddenly, you’re surprised by a big tax bill! What do you do?

Tax Planning helps you to avoid this scenario and also to make taxes actually work for your business – not against it.

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Sleep Easy Package 

Is your business is keeping you awake at night?

Do you wake up at 4am in a cold sweat with your heart pumping in your chest? There’s no need to panic because we have the solution: the Sleep Easy Business Planning Package.

Practical business advice that raises the bar and inspires you to grow.

If you don’t have a well-defined business plan, you’re really only working day-to-day compared to what you could be achieving if your actions were focussed around clearly defined goals.

The Sleep Easy Package provides you with specified business objectives and time-based milestones keep your business on track and inspire you to greater heights – and give you a good night’s rest.

Tax Planning

 Why you should plan your tax

As a business owner you work hard and you have the right to organise your affairs to minimise your tax. Our Tax Planning Package will ensure you are paying the correct amount of tax, abiding by the law and saving your hard earned $$ where you can.

Case studies of client outcomes from Negotiis Tax Planning:

Client A: Saved $28,247 in tax
This strategy included purchasing a new vehicle, making additional superannuation contributions, and effectively distributing business income between the business owners.

Client B: Saved $20,879 in tax
The tax planning solution included some restructuring to the client’s business entities and tax effective distribution of their business income.

Client C – Did not get tax planning advice, Paid an extra $19,901 in tax
This client did not undertake tax planning with our team and administered their own BAS throughout the year. Whilst completing the annual tax matters after year end, our team identified that savings of $19,901 in tax could have been made had a strategy been put in place prior to the end of the financial year.

Virtual CFO Service

 A Virtual CFO is an affordable solution for growing businesses.

Many small businesses can’t afford the cost of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) on staff, but if you’re a growing business how do you access expert financial advice to help you bridge the financial knowledge gap and lower risk?

The solution is a “virtual” or outsourced CFO: a financial advisor who is on your side and works alongside you – as if they were a part of your team – but at a fraction of the cost.


A Virtual CFO…

  • Acts in the CFO role on a part-time basis as long as you need
  • Is a fraction of the cost of a full­-time CFO with no long-term commitment
  • Cares for the health and well­being of your business
  • Acts as a sounding board and provides financial “sanity”
  • Delivers financial insight and analysis beyond just compliance
  • Provides practical advice and inspires you and your team to raise the bar

Negotiis’ Virtual CFO’s are experienced, knowledgeable financial experts. They’ve earned their expertise by working across a wide variety of industries in many capacities. They’ve sat at boardroom tables and had to make tough decisions. They can do this for you too.

They’re also inspired by new ideas and innovation and want to see their clients succeed. They’ll act as your go-to financial guru.

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