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Business Growth & Improvement Services

We’re so much more than simply accountants - we’re business growth experts, financial advisors and inspiring coaches.

We really do so much more than just file your yearly tax returns or your quarterly BAS statements. 

Negotiis offers a wide range of business growth and improvement services including business coaching, business planning, tax planning and even a Virtual CFO service – all aimed at helping you increase revenues and boost profitability.

Business coaching is big business! It seems like everyone is a “business coach” these days. But before you trust a coach with your business, have you checked their qualifications? A business coach who doesn’t know the intricacies of tax law, or how important cash flow is for your business isn’t worth their fee.

Negotiis business coaches are different. We’re tax accountants who also do business coaching and will inspire you to greatness! We’re accountants with personalities! 

Read more about how the Business Masterclass Program will take you and your business to the next level...

If your business is causing you sleepless nights it can be hard to know where to turn. But you don’t need to feel alone or isolated, there is a solution and help is at hand! 

For years we have been helping people to get a better night’s rest safe in the knowledge that their business is on the road to recovery. 

We’ve distilled our years of experience into the Sleep Easy Package, read more about the Sleep Easy Package here...

It’s a familiar scenario: your business is making good money. You’re putting a little away each month and cash flow is good. An incredible opportunity comes that needs you to spend some cash. But suddenly, you’re surprised by a big tax bill! What do you do?

Tax Planning helps you to not only avoid this scenario, but also to make taxes actually work for your business – not against it.

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If your business is doing well and quickly growing out of “start up” phase, you may be in the need for a Chief Financial Officer (CFO). But hiring a CFO is expensive and a risk in itself.

Wouldn’t it be great instead to access the expertise and know-how of a Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost? 

Read more about how a Virtual CFO will reduce risk and boost growth...

Want to know more about our business improvement services?

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