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Tax Planning

Why tax planning is a good idea...

As a business owner you work hard and you have the right to organize your affairs to minimize your tax.  Negotiis’s Tax Planning Package will ensure you are lawfully paying the right amount of tax, saving your hard earned $$ where you can.

Case studies of client outcomes from Negotiis Tax Planning work in the past few years:

Client A: Saved $28,247 in tax
A great saving made by using a strategy that included purchasing a new vehicle, making additional superannuation contributions, and also effectively distributing business income between the business owners.

Client B: Saved $20,879 in tax
The tax planning solution for this client included some restructuring to their business entities and tax effective distribution of their business income.

Client C: Saved $8,060 in tax this year (and more into the future)
A foreseeable change in the clients business operations provided for restructuring their entities and tax effective distribution of their business income.  This strategy can also provide for future tax savings.

Client D: Saved $5,522 in tax
This client’s strategy included prepaying business expenses and purchasing a new vehicle.

Client E – Did not get tax planning advice, Paid an extra $19,901 in tax
This client did not undertake tax planning with our team and administered their own BAS throughout the year.  Whilst completing the annual tax matters after year end, our team identified that savings of $19,901 in tax could have been made had a strategy been put in place prior to the end of the financial year.

2017 Tax Planning Package includes:

  • Initial phone conversation with one of our Senior Advisors so we can understand your current business situation
  • Forecasts of the Year End results for your business
  • Advice on tax saving strategies that are tailored to you and your business
  • Estimates of your tax saved for each strategy
  • Forecast your tax payable position so you can plan ahead and not have any nasty surprises
  • A session with one of our Senior Advisors to discuss the outcome of our Tax Planning to ensure you understand our recommended strategies and can ask any questions

Tax Planning Packages start from $500 plus GST.

To get started, please complete our online enquiry form and a fixed-price quote will be issued to you via email ready for your acceptance.

Price guarantee

If our team cannot demonstrate potential savings in tax beyond the cost of your tax-planning package; then we'll refund 100% of your planning fee!

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Tax planning helps you get on the right side of the tax man.

Running a small business is a tough gig. Along with daily operations, boosting sales, paying employees, and ensuring that your business is providing you with enough personal income to make it all worthwhile, you also need to track BAS payments, PAYG payments and yearly tax returns. Keeping the tax office happy is a job in itself!

But imagine not only looking forward to tax time, but actually making tax work to your business advantage?

Tax payment strategies you can live with.

Even if you’re facing a large tax bill or lingering tax debt from the tax office there is nearly always a way to work it out.

Our Tax Planning services will help you budget and plan for your various tax commitments throughout the year. We’ll also help you with payment strategies to suit your lifestyle to help you pay off any existing debts faster and get “in the black” with the tax man. 

“I’d built up a big tax debt over the course of several years. My business was making a profit, but it seemed like my tax debt was growing faster than my business… It just took a few hours with Amanda and her team to create a tax plan to get me out of debt. It’s now 2 years later and I paid my last payment to the ATO! Thanks so much to Amanda and the team. Love your work!”
- Mary, online entrepreneur, Melbourne.

Our team of tax accountants have the knowledge and expertise to work with existing taxation legislation to make taxes work to your advantage. We’ll work with you and liaise on your behalf with the ATO to create a strategic tax plan that will help your business grow and ensure you come out on top. 

So next time tax season rolls around you’ll know exactly how much you’ll owe and you’ll have budgeted for payments. Once you see tax planning saves you stress and money, you might even start enjoying tax season!

Want to know more about strategic tax planning?

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