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Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

A Virtual CFO is an affordable solution for growing businesses.

Many small businesses can’t yet afford to have a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as their go-to person for all matters financial. But if you’re a growing business how do you access expert financial advice to help you bridge the financial knowledge gap and lower risk?

The solution is a “virtual” or outsourced CFO: a financial advisor who is on your side and works alongside you – as if they were a part of your team - but at a fraction of the cost. 

A Virtual CFO...

  • Acts in the CFO role on a part-time basis as long as you need 
  • Is a fraction of the cost of a full­time CFO with no long-term commitment
  • Cares for the health and well­being of your business

  • Acts as a sounding board and provides financial “sanity”

  • Delivers financial insight and analysis beyond just compliance 
  • Provides practical advice and inspires you and your team to raise the bar

Negotiis Virtual CFO’s are battle-hardened, highly experienced financial experts. They’ve earned their expertise by working across a wide variety of industries in many capacities. They’ve sat at the boardroom table and they’ve had to make the tough decisions. 

They’re also inspired by new ideas and innovation and want to see their clients succeed. They’ll act as your go-to financial guru and coach you on the finer details and they may even inspire you to greatness!

Want to know more about engaging a Virtual CFO?

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