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Why use a Tax Accountant

12 very good reasons to use a tax accountant – over than going it alone.

You may think you’re saving money by filing your own taxes. You might even get a small refund. But how do you know that you’re getting as much tax back as you’re entitled to?

A tax accountant…

1.  Helps you maximise your tax refund to make sure you get every single penny you’re entitled to by finding deductions you never knew existed

2.  Keeps up to date on the latest tax breaks and any changes to tax law that can help you and your business

3.  Helps you with Strategic Tax Planning to make budgeting for your taxes easier and reduce any nasty surprises at tax time

4.  Can advise you on Financial Planning and Wealth Creation strategies

5.  Can advise you on the most streamlined and easy to use bookkeeping system, such as Xero software.

6.  Can deal with the tax office on your behalf – saving you stress and long hours on the phone 

7.  Can get time extensions for tax payments on BAS and income tax

8.  Can advise you on the best time to do your income taxes to minimise cash flow impact

9.  Is tax deductible! The cost of hiring a tax accountant is deductible in the next tax year

10.  Helps you to extend payment times. For example, filing your tax in July will allow you delay paying owed tax until the following year because you’re registered with a tax agent

11.  Will help you to stay safe and legal when operating under ATO’s rules

12.  Saves you time and grief! Someone else is handling doing the most boring and time-consuming thing you have to do each year!

Want to know more about how a tax accountant can make your life easier?

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