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Tax Accountants & Business Advisors in Point Cook

Not your traditional accountants.

There are two kinds of accountants in the world: the kind that dutifully does your taxes year after year and occasionally tells you to cut your expenses.  Those kinds of accountants are affectionately known as “bean counters”.

Does your accountant proactively help you grow your business & create wealth?

The other kind of accountant is so much more. They proactively help you grow your business and help you to create wealth.  

That’s the kind of accountant that Negotiis is.

We’re here to do everything you’d expect a qualified tax accountant to do, but we’ll also help you with:

Business Advice: Starting a new business?  Or need help improving your current one?

Xero Bookkeeping Specialists:  Joined the Xero revolution yet?  Save time, money and streamline your bookkeeping.

Wealth Creation Advice:  Build lasting wealth for you, your family and your business.

Tax for Individuals:  Maximise deductions for your personal tax.

We’re not afraid to redefine the word “accountant”!

What makes Negotiis different from other accountants and business advisors?

  • We spend quality time with you to understand your business or personal situation
  • We offer ideas, strategies and services that are aligned with your goals
  • We do not charge you for phone calls, emails and quick meetings
  • Our business advisors visit and phone you regularly ‘to check in and see how you’re going’ – at no charge
  • We price your work in advance so you have no surprise bills and offer monthly instalment packages to protect your cashflow
  • We are focussed on quick turnaround time of communication and your work
  • Our team speak in your language and do not ‘beat around the bush’ when they tell you what you need to do
  • We offer a range of business improvement, wealth creation and asset protection services
  • We do complimentary ‘business performance reviews’ with you to analyse the past and advise on the future

Want to know more about our services?

Drop by our office, located in Point Cook Town Centre.  You can also call us on (03) 9394 7024 or send an email enquiry.

Bookkeeping Services

Maintaining good business records is essential not only for the purpose of compliant tax returns, but because there is great knowledge to be gained about your business from your financial transactions. Read more...

Services for Businesses

Negotiis provides comprehensive services to small and medium businesses, tailored to your needs. Our team work with you to add value to your business. We are passionate about you reaching your full potential. Read more...

Services for Individuals

Our expert team of tax specialists ensure that you maximise your deductions for your personal situation. Our services include rental properties, self employment and investments. Read more...

Wealth Advisory

A proactive approach to building lasting wealth for you, your family and your business. Sound advice that is not influenced by any institution or provider of financial products.  Read more...

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